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 Flush w/ Frame
 Self Rim
 Flush Rim
 Flush Mount
Choose Product:
 Flush w/ Frame
 Self Rim
 Flush Rim
 Flush Mount
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 Wall Mount
 3 or 4 Way Diffuser
 Toe Kick
General Information:

Stock Items:
ClassicAire maintains a sufficient stock of unfinished standard size grilles in Red Oak, White Oak, and Maple along with a limited supply of other unfinished species to ensure timely delivery. All grilles are pre-sanded and ready for on-site finishing ... no additional preparation is required.

Wood Capabilities:
ClassicAire manufactures grilles from most wood species ranging from Ash to Zebrawood. We have over 250 types of wood in stock and also accept lumber from our customers. Please call for board footage and thickness requirements.

Size Capabilities:
Standard size supply air grilles are available in Flush w/ Frame, Self Rim, Flush Mount, and Flush Rim styles. Standard size return air grilles are available in Flush w/ Frame and Self Rim styles. Please refer to individual pages for standard size information. Custom thicknesses and sizes are available upon request.

Prefinish Capabilities:
ClassicAire has the most extensive and advanced prefinish department in the industry. We have the capability to match the color and luster of all major prefinished hardwood flooring and wood laminate brands on the market today.

ClassicAire again leads the industry by providing an innovative patented snap-on damper. Each damper is fully adjustable and can be easily attached to any standard size grille. 

Lead Times:
Unfinished standard sizes = 4 days
Unfinished custom sizes = 4 days
Prefinished colors (after receipt of sample) = 10 days

Return Policy:
ClassicAire will accept returns on all standard size Red Oak, White Oak, and Maple grilles with a 30% restocking fee, after the issuance of a Return Authorization Number. As a manufacturer we are unable to accept returns on custom sizes, custom woods, or prefinish products. 

Standards, Compliance and Performance:
ClassicAire has tested it's products to and complied with the International Mechanics Codes (IMC 603.15.1) for load bearing. Our extensive research, design and testing of air flow patterns, has enabled us to develop a proprietary grille design that supplies the best spread and throw pattern of any wood grille in the industry. Contact our engineering department for technical details.

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