Supply Air Grilles:

 Flush w/ Frame
 Self Rim
 Flush Rim
 Flush Mount

Return Air Grilles:

 Flush w/ Frame
 Self Rim
 Flush Rim
 Flush Mount

Specialty Grilles:

 Wall Mount
 3 or 4 Way

 Toe Kick

Self Rim
Self Rim grilles feature a rectangular grid pattern and are the preferred style for most flooring surfaces. The grille simply "drops" in to a hole cut in the finish flooring. This versatile style can be used with new or existing hardwood floors, laminate, carpet, tile, or vinyl, with the rim of the grille neatly concealing the cut edge of the finish flooring. Each grille is 3/4" thick with a bull nosed rim that is 1" wide by 3/8" thick.

Order grilles by duct opening.

Standard Sizes
Duct Size
Free Area (sq. in.) Overall Dimensions
6 x 24
8 x 24

6 x 30
8 x 30
10 x 30



8 x 26
10 x 26

8 x 32
10 x 32
12 x 32

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